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Logifix.com offers you freight exchange services, transport and logistics, transport exchange as well as freight logistics services. We also offer freight forwarders with a platform where they can place ads regarding their services for transport and logistics.

Search for services or take advantage of our offers for cargo shipping, cargo forwarding, and export import services. Regardless of your cargo business – manufacturer or carrier on domestic, import, or export market - on Logifix.com, you can publish shipping and forwarding want ads or offers on air, sea, road, or rail (multimodal). Benefit from our cargo forwarding service exchange for national transports as well as for import and export. Enlarge your client base, profit from synergies, increase your sales, save money, and get more out of a global expanding shipping business!

For air freight cargo, specify your needs by our ULD or aircraft size specifications. For trucking service, select your type of trailer and superstructure (e.g. low loader). Shipping cargo might be specified by our large container selection bar and train transportation are marked by our different choices of (public) freight wagons. Global carrier domestic, import, and export business is a strong, growing market. Profit from it!

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See our user case to find out how to profit from forwarding, import, export, shipping cargo, carrier and shipping services.


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TUTICORIN LOGISTICS (P) LTD 2011-06-24 Hong Kong Venezuela offer
Okada America Inc. 2011-09-17 United States United States demand
Prestige Global International Co.,Ltd. 2011-06-28 Thailand United States offer
AES Logistics 2011-09-17 Philippines United States demand
SWAYAM Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. 2011-06-24 India United States offer
Rapido Trans 2012-12-01 Spain United Kingdom offer
Rapido Trans 2012-12-01 United Kingdom Spain offer
LK WORLDWIDE 2012-01-03 United Kingdom Spain offer
Rapido Trans 2012-12-01 Spain Spain offer
AvtoBan 2012-11-09 Poland Russian Federation demand
MTL group 2011-11-21 Spain Russian Federation offer
TRANSCONNECT d.o.o. 2011-06-04 Romania Russian Federation offer
AvtoBan 2012-11-09 Poland Russian Federation demand
MetroEX 2011-09-07 Latvia Norway offer
Logistizela 2013-04-23 Mexico Mexico offer
Sky Company 2012-04-25 United Kingdom Lithuania demand
Sai Transport International 2013-03-21 Germany Italy offer
Sai Transport International 2013-03-21 Germany Italy offer
Sai Transport International 2013-03-21 Germany Italy offer
Waldemar Hartwig 2012-05-13 Austria Italy offer